Slates and More: Are You Ready for 2012?

As yet another wonderful year set on our horizon, what we tend to think are about the things that happened in the tech arena during the past 365 days. But then, when it comes to the technology terrain, the term past is just a myth and what matters are the days to come, which are the fruits of the plants whose seeds we sow today. Year 2011 had seen the most outrageous sales of gadgets over the past decade and all are expecting the sales to rise up in the coming year. So for a heads up, here are a handful of major tech trends that will be turning real in 2012.

Tablets to Portable PCs

As for now, tablets are the most sought after method of accessing the web for shopping, playing games and for reading e-books. But what is yet to come is simply astonishing. In 2012, tablets will be released with higher processing capabilities such that these will outrun the conventional PCs and even laptops to a great extent.

Tablets will become the idol among the computing devices. Sleek designs and portability has always distinguished tablets among other gadgets and peeking into the future we can surely foresee a time when tablets will be the dictator of the gadgets.

There will be a lot of new models releasing in the tablet segment and even Sony reportedly plans to increase its tablet lineup in 2012 with a new VAIO branded sliding slate that will probably measure 10.1-inches in size. This device will be featuring Android 4.0 in some and Windows 8 in the remaining devices.

The launch of iPad 3 is also likely to happen in S1 of 2012. Apple will be most probably entering the 7-inch segment contradicting to the statement Steve Jobs had released earlier.

A world wide competition is currently on in the tablet business and even Apple doesn’t want to be moving away from the segment as no one knows when the trend will be altering from one segment to another.

More the competition more the merrier will be the consumers, as after all what people need in their tablets would be quality and unmatched performance.

Microsoft to Rule

It hasn’t been a nice time for Microsoft, but in the tech world tables turn all the time. And, before you realize what’s on, anything can happen. Microsoft was long valued as the top technology company, until Apple unseated it in the spring of 2010. Being the current incumbent doesn’t guarantee anything and just because you lost once, it doesn’t mean you won’t bounce back.

Microsoft is thinking their brains out to return as the king of the tech jungle. Despite the stock’s lackluster performance over the last 10 years, the company is still a leading maker of hardware and software, with steady growth from both consumers and businesses worldwide.

Even as Microsoft has continued to make improvements through acquisitions and international expansion, the company has billions in cash on its balance sheet. An annual dividend currently yielding over 3 percent certainly adds to the picture too.

Microsoft seems to have found its footing again as for now. The strong sales of Windows 7 and Xbox/Kinect seem to have gone a long way towards resolving its self-esteem problem.

The mostly positive reception for Windows Phone, despite the less than glowing sales and the flush of anticipation for Windows 8 tablets seem to have given it back some of its old fighting spirit. The company just might be ready to step up and be the leader we’re looking for in a post iPad world.

In-Car Streaming Flourish

Listening to a song while traveling has been in the cards for a very long time and we have seen a lot of advancements in the stereo systems as well. There were times when we used cassettes but now there are even ports in cars that enable us to connect our iPods so that we are able to enjoy music on the go.

Most of the newerToyotaand Ford models have endless access to Pandora, Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio, and countless free and premium streaming alternatives for anyone who owns a smartphone.

As more new models hit the open road, everyone expect this trend to benefit the recently profitable Pandora and any other nimble players to cash in on audio streaming.

Tech world is adapting at a higher pace than ever before and if one wants to be in the game, he should be playing along all the time.

2012 will open up to a lot of technological advancements and all are hoping that these will be aiding humanity in making the world a better place to live in.