Airbus A-380 Cracks Pose Concern; Qantas Sees No Threat

Following the detection of cracks on the wings of some of the Airbus-A380s in Singapore Airlines and Qantas, Australian aircraft engineers have ordered to hold their services in order to safeguard the passengers from more dangerous situations. It is being hoped that both the airlines could settle this situation before their four-yearly inspection.

The engineers have already begun work with a well planned repair procedure. The cracks were found on the wings of a handful of A380s, on their non-critical wings which will not affect flight, according Airbus.

There are about fourteen A-380s operating for Singapore Airlines and ten for Qantas. The other airlines that use the aircraft are AirFrance, Korean Airlines,ChinaSouthern and Emirates.

With five airbuses, the flight that took place on the 27th of  April 2005 fromToulouse,France, as a part of flight test program was the A-380’s first flight.

If you would remember, cracks were first noticed in the second half of last year. The airlines have finished repair of those.

Meanwhile, Qantas has traced a tiny crack in the wing ribs of one of their A380s, which was being repaired inSingaporeafter a mid-air blowout in 2010 affected one of its Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines.

The carrier believes that as the cracking poses no threat to the flight safety, no immediate actions were required.

There are as many as 67 Airbus A380s operating worldwide.