Missed Calls in the Paddy Field; No Wrong Number This!

When companies like Zipcar and Verizon started using new text messages and iPhone apps to control physical devices, a team of Indians has customized the new “missed call” system to manage devices. The focus, significantly, is on consumers engaged in farming The project was developed by RealTech Systems especially for the farmers to control irrigation, using the cell phone networks.

The device is equipped with a SIM card installed at the pump station which will respond to the missed calls from the farmer’s number.

The main objective behind the invention of this product is to conserve our natural resources mainly water and energy.

It is very difficult for a farmer to go frequently and check the power when the water pumps are installed miles away.

Managing water supplies in their farms is one of the key challenges faced by the farmers,” T Kumar, founder of RealTech Systems, has been quoted as saying. The RealTech device makes it easier for them to see whether the power is turned on so as water availability is at hand.

The product’s first version was operated through sending text messages which was a little difficult for the farmers who used the cell phones only to make calls.

In India, where most of the people use missed calls to signal something or the other without wasting a penny, the new RealTech technology could come in handy.

In case you aren’t aware, companies like Zipdial also use this system for their advertising and delivery of goods as a means of communication.

RealTech is also planning to develop the product to automate pumping stations at a much affordable way by considering the local farmers needs. At present, the product has three models and the price ranges from Rs 4, 500 to 6,500.

That’s a true instance of taking technology to the paddy fields, right?