Boxx EV is a Carrier Green to the Core

It is always nice to own a car or a bike. There are drawbacks for both these means of travel  and the entry of Boxx EV would be enough to chuck  all the demerits out. Boxx EV is a small but powerful vehicle that can carry its owner to his destination.

We aren’t sure whether this is the future of EVs, but Boxx is definitely a sparkling color in the whole painting. This EV is about 39 inches long and is an all-wheel-drive electric commuter scooter that uses its small size and shape to its advantage.

Weighing 120 lbs, it’s portable enough to bring inside your living space for charging and storage. The aluminum bodywork conceals two compartments which are able to handle a couple of bags of groceries.

Speed is limited to 28-35 miles per hour (depending on your local regulations) which seems plenty fast, considering its size. Range is 20 miles in standard mode, 40 with Eco setting engaged and there is an optional battery upgrade that doubles those numbers. Charging takes four hours, but again, there is an upgrade that can reduce that to one hour.

Call us crazy, but if we had around $4000 to spare, we would have bought this EV. With all the options, the price can be somewhere at $5500. The price is definitely an issue between the customer and Boxx EV. But the price will shrink once mass production is activated. Let’s wait, right?