Pink is Passé: Know What Your Girl Wants This V-Day

Guys, forget roses and chocolates. If you really want to win the heart of the girl  in your life you should think about buying her electronics instead of traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day. Or so say the results of a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

So, this Valentine’s Day, as a guy, you should be careful in choosing a gift for your valentine as it may tip off the entire vibe you both have been having till then. Think about the options you are having in buying an electronic commodity for your girlfriend.

Start with mobile devices.  Think smartphones, tablets, e-Readers and notebook computers. The study showed females are more likely to upgrade their mobile phones in the coming year as women report higher ownership of older basic cell phones verses newer smart phones.

Women want devices that make life easier and help them keep in touch. Another device high on the list for women is something the man could also enjoy. Yes, it can be a new HDTV. A new, large-screen, internet-connected 3DTV that you can watch together and that is definitely an idea with a no loss guarantee.

One piece of advice, don’t automatically assume your woman wants pink. The study found that women don’t want to be catered to with female colors. Instead, they want lightweight devices that can be held in the hands and fit in their purse.

They’d rather the device perform many functions than just sport a girly color. This Valentine’s Day, the best way to your woman’s heart, is through electronics.  And if you do wind up sleeping on the couch, at least you’ll be surfing channels on your new TV or playing games on your sweetie’s new smartphone or tablet.