Curvy Ferrari Aliante is Sure to Seduce You [Video]

The Ferrari Aliante, which was seen at the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest inMaranello,Italy, features some amazing curves and sleek lines which belong to the current models of Ferrari. Designed by Daniel Soriano Lopez, Per Magnus Grettve and Arunkumar Shanmugham, this exquisite design is able to give the car maximum aero-dynamism possible.

Should it ever come to fruition on the production tip, it looks like it would be an absolute animal on the road.  The Ferrari Aliante concept features a low profile with wide grille that acts as a centerpiece to an impressively striking and dramatic Ferrari concept.

The exposed rear-engine with its Enzo-like placement and design make this one of the truer-to-source-material concepts we have seen yet.

From the extravagantly long, low snout and seamless contoured glass engine cover, to the open cockpit and large lateral air intakes; the car is absolutely a beauty and a beast combo.

The styling is inspired by a range of past and current Ferraris, including the mighty F40, the 458 Italia, and contemporary F1 cars. The Ferrari Aliante concept has clearly been designed for drivers who like to drive, not pose.

Although it would probably do both to an equally stratospheric level. To make the driving experience even more intense, the exposed interior of the Aliante is upholstered in a durable fabric which is dust and water proof that makes this mean machine to take down any terrain at any weather conditions. The only bad thing about this car is that it is still a concept.

Here’s a video and a handful of images of the concept,  courtesy of WCF: