Lost Love: The Case of the Idle Bedrooms

We live in a ‘no time for love’ scenario. I hope you remember the DINKS (the dual income no kid) couples. The latest scenario is DINS (dual income no sex). After a few months, the spark definitely goes off from marriages. When you are dating you can veil your bad habits, but when you have to wake up next to each other it is different. You want a tiger on bed and he wants Maata Hari and hence both are not satisfied with each other.

By day, these young couples sweat it out in boardroom meetings, and at night chill out at happening bars and restaurants. They lead zing-setting life style. They are India shining at its brightest. They are everybody’s envy. They areIndia’s dual income career couples whose life seems picture perfect with well turned out looks and radiant smile. But if you notice carefully, you will realize that the smile is plastic.

The first year after child birth is supposed to be the most difficult phase in a couple’s life. There is hardly any time left for each other. Parents of infants quit viewing themselves as beings with sexual needs.

”Where’s the time?” asks Mita Roy, 28, mother of a three-month-old baby. ”Feeding my child every two hours in the night tires me down. Hormonal imbalances and my expanding shape do not make me feel happy and hence I don’t feel like making love and once the baby arrived I am left with no time for myself.”

Double income couples definitely have a very busy life. They are earning handsome salaries and travelling most of the time and they don’t even realize how years just pass by. For women, this can lead to menstrual disorder.

For men too, there is a decrease in libido, early ejaculation and erectile disorder. Even without children, double income couples or for that matter even single income couples, have infrequent sex.

Hence this problem leads to conceiving problems and the couples distance away from each other. The intimacy and strong friendship that they used to share also disappears all of a sudden. But it is never too late to mend the relationship.

Make Love Continue to happen 

*Do household work together. This makes it easier to share time and love together.

*Talk to each other. Share each other’s views and fantasies too.

*Don’t get stressed out, balance your household work, taking care of your children and your own work. Basically organize your life and you will not feel tired.

*Take time out for togetherness. Go out for a walk together or may be gymming together.

*Stop nagging.