Have an iPhone? Now Charge it With Your Breath!

How about charging your iPhone with your — breath? We are not referring to some granny tales, but a scientific invention. You can charge your iPhone without electricity. Sounds interesting; doesn’t  it? We are familiar with tapping electricity from wind. That isn’t anything new. But this is a first. Charging a device with breath of your mouth is something strange for most of us. So, in case of a shipwreck or something, there is nothing to fear anymore !

The console, called the AIRE Mask concept, gets its design from João Paulo Lammoglia. The AIRE mask consists of small wind turbines which would utilize the energy in your breath to charge your iPhone.

It seems the device uses the principle of a conventional wind turbine, but operates on a micro-level. AIRE can be used anywhere. It doesn’t mind if you are located in your home country or not, as far as air remains a universal right.

The invention has got several environmental implications too. First, it is an epitome of utilizing renewable energy in everyday life. At the same time, it could also encourage people to do breathing exercises.

It also serves as a model for saving energy, which is becoming the most expensive and powerful thing existing in the world.

The AIRE mask has been picked for the RedDot Design Award: Best of the Best 2011. Such endowments would be a boost for people to invent similar things in future too. What do you say?