Playing with a Boring Mouse? Try This Mouse Glove Instead!

Are you someone who sits before the computer for a long time? Do you suffer wrist problems or carpal tunnel syndrome by any chance? If you do, this could come as a relief for you. Bellco Ventures, a  Florida based company, has developed a new wireless air glove mouse which behaves like a mouse. This mouse can perform conventional functions like right click, left click, scroll and many more.

The glove sports buttons like OFF, ON and LED on the index finger which can be operated with the thumb. An USB port is also included in the glove.

You can recharge the mouse by using the USB port. You will also be able to operate your computer or internet TV from a distance of at least 35 feet.

The scroll movements to go up and down on the pages can be performed by the wrist movements of the wearer.

There have been many an attempt in this terrain for long. The latest comes about as something unique, though. Inspired by a Tom Cruise flick, MIT students had created their version of a mouse glove in 2010. Besides, students at theNorthCaliforniaStateUniversity’sCollegeofEngineeringhad also come up with idea of mouse glove some time ago.

In 2002, a 16-year-old also was in the news when he claimed that he had designed a mouse glove for those who suffer from repetitive stress injury.

Now this company fromFloridahas successfully developed this new wireless mouse glove, which can work with Android, Linux, Mac and Windows systems. When it retails, you might be able pick one for yourself if you are willing to part with $79.99.  What do you say?