Rihanna Gets Closer to Freshly Single Asthon Kutcher

Apparently, Ashton and Rihanna are getting on really fast than the media have speculated. How else can we explain one of the hottest property in western music showing interest in the Kabbalah, which Aston Kutcher, her ‘secret’ boyfriend happens to be keen about.

These hottest couple hit it off, not so long ago. They met inLos Angeles, at a party hosted by a common friend. Rumors have it that they have exchanged much more than pleasantries at the party.

We cannot blame ‘Princess of China’ singer for being immediately attracted to the freshly single ‘Two And A Half Men’ star Asthon.

Ashton, who is 34, is a constant presence is the gossip columns for his split up with his 49 year old wife Demi Moore.

On the other side, Rihanna’s probability of getting back in her relationship with Chris Brown has now hit a dead end. The singer, who was previously associated with Eminem and Kayne West, is taking her new companion quite seriously.

Since their first meet up at LA, Rihanna has reportedly gone back to the place for recording her new Album and has end up visiting the young actor at midnights. Papparazis have spotted Rihanna at Asthon’s house, leaving the place by 4 am.

Now at last Ashton is having some ‘legitimate’ time with some one of his age, we hope this marvelous couple will get into a serious relationship. And, Rihanna’s Kabbalah session with Ashton is providing fuel to our hope.