You Thought Chocolates are Unhealthy? You are Wrong, Silly!

Cut down the worries on your occasional chocolate consumption. If the latest study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine,USA, is to be believed, moderate chocolate consumption can be guilt-free.

Munching on chocolate is widely misunderstood as a major health threat, and has been linked to diabetes and obesity. But the latest study lists that they may not have such a significant impact on one’s health. On the contrary, it may help you stay fit

The research led by Beatrice Golomb, hailing fromUniversityofCalifornia,San Diego, emphasized that people have attributed a bad name for chocolate because it comes with calories and is blatantly sweet. And the public reckons sweetness as directly proportional to body weight, which is not true always.

Chocolate has antioxidants called flavanoids which can induce advantages like lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Better insulin sensitivity is also observed, possibly attributable to the antioxidants or other chemicals in cocoa. This results in less increase in body weight, even though you have eaten more calories and saturated fats than those who are obstinate to the confections.

Golomb and her team inferred the data from 1,000 healthy adults, who were surveyed on cholesterol-lowering drugs, and on their typical eating habits, like how often they ate chocolate.

The study included people between the age group of 25 and 85. They ate chocolate on an average of 2 times per week. As a result, they showed an average BMI of 28 which may be considered over-weight, but not obese.

It is not the amount but the frequency of chocolate intake that has a beneficiary impact on the weight. Golomb and her team monitored a difference of 2.3 to 3.2 kg (5 to 7 lb) less for people who ate five servings of chocolate a week compared to those who didn’t have any.

The researchers assert that this is not a justification call for the chocolate fans to crave for more. Moderation is very important –  you may eat chocolate in place of something else, so that it does not lead to over-eating. Also dark chocolate should be preferred, as it contains more antioxidants than any other type of chocolate.