Go Have Sex More Frequently;Hong Kong Youth Told

Did you know people in Hong Kong are the least active lovers inAsia? Based on a survey from British condom manufacturer Durex, couples inHong Kong have been ranked the third lowest in the world in sexual confidence. Now sexual experts are requesting theHong Kongyouth to strip off their reputation and enjoy their sexual life.

In order to promote more liberal views on sex in the conservative society, the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Sex Education Association together have organized the fifth Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival.

According to experts, the main reason behind this shyness is that they have no place to have sex. Also, increasing financial pressure and career-driven mentalities are other key drivers of a decreasing fertility rate, with an average of 1.04 births per women.

Emil Ng, associate director at the Family Institute of the UniversityofHong Kong, has been quoted as saying that yet another factor driving Hong Kong’s sexual nervousness is the sky-high property prices.Hong Kongis crowded and it lacks the privacy people need to have sex.

A 2011survey published by CityUniversity’s Community College says thatHong Kong couples are satisfied with having sex less than twice a week.  Nearly 1000 adults aged 36 to 80 participated in this survey and results revealed that Chinese men were satisfied with having sex on an average of 1.9 times a week and women were happy with 1.6 times a week.

The problem is worse for Hong Kong women because they vastly outnumber men  – less than one man for every 1.2 women between the age of 20 and 39.