Unseen Photos of The Beatles to Come Up for Auction

Who wouldn’t love to go back to the Beatles era yet again? Here’s another chance to go on a trip down memory lane.  Some unseen photos of the band that charmed a generation are to go up for auction soon.

The pictures, that were found buried in a family album for 50 years, are the ones to come up for auction.  The pictures believed to be taken at the time of their first film, A Hard Day’s Night, released in March 1964 at the Scala Theatre inLondon, have the members of the band with their instruments.

Though taking pictures at a closed set was not allowed then, it is said that Pinewood Studios props manager Peter Allchorne managed to click them with his Kodak Retinette.

The photos were then preserved in his family album and were lying unrecognized for almost 50 years as he was not interested in Beatles and was unaware of their popularity!

The 20 black-and white-snaps give a glimpse of the scenes behind the stage. In one picture, Ringo Starr is seen standing on bricks to adjust his height for the camera. Preston is planning to put his pictures for auction at Omega Auctions in Stockport,Cheshireon May19th.

Jacqueline Griffin, the 87-year-old’s daughter, said that while the world was in the height of Beatlemania, forPrestonit was just another band around. He was always with a camera around his neck. Though he knew them very well, he was not very interested in them. He was more interested in Jazz.

A signed menu card by the four of them from a trip aboard the BOAC Cunard, London to New York flight, will be included. A second unsigned menu card carries a mis-spelling of “The Beattles” with the extra “t” in it and is expected to draw attraction during auction.  The entire photos have been valued at £10,000.