Whale Trainer Barbie Dubbed Barbaric; Mattel in the Line of Fire

Barbie now becomes an unfortunate victim of accusations and finds herself difficult to push her way through these criticisms.  The latest ‘Whale Trainer Barbie’ released recently by the toy giant Mattel is in the line of fire from none other than PETA.

The animal rights body has termed the new edition of Barbie as ‘Barbaric’. PETA is now putting pressure on Mattel to drop the promotion of the ‘destructive toy’.

Instead of making children cautious about the dangers of locking up whales, the new Barbie has disturbed their hearts with the replay of the barbaric real life scene of Tilikum, the whale, pulling trainer Dawn Brancheau underwater and killing her by smashing her on the walls.

Such violence may move children’s hearts and no mother will take a risk of buying such a toy for their babies, says PETA.

The toy kit contains a doll dressed in a wetsuit, Shamu the whale, a dolphin, a baby seal, and a pool that splashes.

In 2009, Mattel released their themed doll Kentucky Derbie Barbie, which prompted PETA to take action against them for using the horse abuse protest sign.  What do you think of PETA’s move?