Ten Top Drinking Nations: Do You Live There?

Though, the purpose of consuming alcohol may vary from country to country and from custom to custom, the appeal of it is the same everywhere. In older times, this universal drink was associated with the rituals, but now it has become an indispensable part of today’s life.

One of the famous quotes of F. Scott Fitzgerald goes thus : “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” The growing effects of alcoholism can lead to serious social and personal damages.

Having said that, let’s tell you about the top ten heaviest alcohol consuming countries here:

Moldova:  The Republic ofMoldova, though small in size, has 142 wineries. The wineries represent a solid reason for the tourism development here.  Maldovans consume an average of 18.22 liters per year. Undoubtedly the world’s biggest drinkers, they consume three times the global average of 6.1 liters per head in a year. Majority of the alcohol consumption is unrecorded. The favorite drink of the country is cheap home made wine, followed by vodka, a Moldovan brandy named divin and beer.

Czech Republic: The Czech is best known for beer brewing and their nations is the second biggest drinking country. It has a per capita alcohol consumption of 16.45 liters. Among the other spirits and wines they mostly consume beer. They are well known for the fine quality beer production with open fermenters, long laagering times and no pasteurization. World’s finest beers like Lagers and Pilsner are from this beer’s own country. So next time, do visit one of the brewpubs for to taste the most delicious beer in the world.

Hungary: Next in the list is Hungary with a per capita alcohol consumption of 16.27 liters. Wine is mostly consumed here followed by beer and other spirits.Hungary is famous for wine-making. The most top rated wines produced in Hungary include Tokaji Aszú.

Russia: The land ofVodka takes the fourth slot in the category. The annual per capita alcohol consumption of the county is 15.76 liters. Alcohol is the main component of Russian life. Vodka is the commonest type of liquor consumed by the people in the country. Vodka is served cool in a small glass known as Vodka glass, and they consume Vodka by mixing it with beer. There is even a Russian proverb saying “Vodka without beer is your money wasted.”

Ukraine:Ukraine is the fifth heaviest drinking country. It has a per capita alcohol consumption of 15.60 liters. The children there start drinking alcohol at the age of 10. Children are exposed to home drinking. The people in the country  are into extensive alcoholism and risky drinking.

Estonia:Estonia is sixth in this category. These beer lovers have an annual per capita alcohol consumption of 15.57 liters. The most popular alcohol beverages include Saku Originaal, cider and Vodka with the Viru Valge andSaaremaa brands.  The alcohol consumption per day is much higher here.

Andorra:Andorra, one of the smallest landlocked countries inEurope, is one major in alcohol consumption. It has an annual per capita alcohol consumption of 15.48 liters. The recorded alcohol consumption of the country has been 14.08 liters and the unrecorded consumption is 1.4 liters. The most popular brew of the country is wine followed by beer and spirits.

Romania:Romania is eight in the list of heaviest drinking countries with a per capita alcohol consumption of 15.30 liters. TheRomania wine has a history of over three millennia. The country’s traditional drink is a strong plum brandy known as ?uic?.Romania is one of the top ten wine producers in the world.

Slovenia:Slovenia is ninth. The per capita alcohol consumption ofSlovenia is 15.19 liters. The most popular alcohol beverages of the country are wine and beer. Maribor, the second largest city ofSlovenia, has the oldest grape vineyard in the world.

Belarus: Last but not least in the category is Belarus with a per capita alcohol consumption of 15.13 liters. The alcohol here is mostly consumed in the form of spirits. The government is currently struggling to tackle the drinking issues of the country.

After reading this, do you also feel like having a drink? Remember, drinking is good for health but only if it is consumed in moderation.