First Ever Autonomous Car Features an Infinity Symbol on its Number Plate

It’s been a while we have been hearing of  autonomous cars and  it is finally becoming a reality. The world’s first license for a driverless vehicle has been granted to the Google-powered Toyota Prius by the state of Nevada.

From the beginning it has been exciting news that Google is creating a self driven car. The car features sensors and specially designed artificial intelligence software to sense objects around them to be able to avoid them which makes the ride safe and more fuel efficient.

To make an autonomous, robotic car which drives itself, Google converted the Toyota Prius  to navigate the roads guided by  video cameras and lasers.

The first autonomous car license has been  issued in the United States with a red plate  made specially for it. The number plate features an infinity symbol next to the number 001. This infinity number symbol shows that driverless cars are the transport of the future.

According to Department director Bruce Breslow, the unique red plate will be easily recognized by the public and law enforcement and will be used only for licensed autonomous test vehicles. He also added that in future when vehicle manufactures market autonomous vehicles to the public this infinity symbol will appear on a green license plate.

Well, this Google’s robotic car had some setbacks too. All the previous tests of the vehicle are done on tracks or parking lot rooftops with a person behind the wheels, who can control the vehicle in case the technology fails.  no sense.