Ee-bra to Track Cardiac Activity Arrives

Good news for women who are suffering from cardiac problems. Now you don’t need to walk around through hospitals to check your cardiac health. By simply wearing a sports bra, you can monitor your cardiac health.

The engineers from the University of Arkansas have developed this new product, a wireless system, which can collect and transmits critical patient information like blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, some neural activity—to a physician, hospital, or the patient herself.

This e-bra monitors any pathophysiological changes in the body. It is made possible through a series of nano structured textile sensors which are integrated into a bra.

Besides collecting and transmitting vital health signals, it also provides all the readings of a conventional electrocardiograph, including the ability to display inverted T waves, which indicate an oncoming heart attack.

The software in the system can send emergency messages via voice or text messaging in case of extreme or abnormal readings.

The main advantage of the garment is that it doesn’t require any bulky wires, sticky electrodes, or gels and the data from the sensors can stream to any commercially available cellphone or mobile device.

Above all, it can estimate the number of calories you burn during a workout which will be useful for athletes. Researchers are trying to reduce its current ring box size and make it more user-friendly.