OMG! Yahoo Users Consume More Energy than Gmail Fans

Opower is a privately held software-as-a-service company that partners with utility providers to promote energy efficiency. The latest research done by Opower reveals that Yahoo users tend to use more energy than Gmail users and there is a significant energy difference of 11% between the two clans.

Data came from households across the country such that geographical differences don’t influence the research. According to Barry Fischer, a writer and analyst at Opower, Yahoo users tend to have larger residences and even then also, the numbers indicate that they still use more energy per square foot in their homes.

The company found that the average Yahoo household spends $110 more a year on electricity than the average Gmail household. The other interesting thing they found out was that the typical Yahoo subscriber is older than the typical Gmailer, 38 versus 34.

Yahoo users are also more likely to live in suburban or rural areas, which, according to a 2009 American Housing Survey, are 7% to13% larger than the city dwellings that Gmail users inhabit.

Gmail users are, on average, younger, more likely to be single, more avid travelers and up to 30 percent ‘more likely than Yahoo users to sign up for an in-depth analysis of how they can reduce their energy usage’.

It turns out that Yahoo users and Gmail users lead fairly different lives which were of course an unbelievable fact till the research report came out. By applying these sociological differences to energy data, the company got into the behavior of consumers.

So if you are a Yahoo user, you don’t have to move into Gmail to reduce your bill. It’s your lifestyle that matters your energy consumption.