Traffic Noise Can Induce Cardiac Problems

Honking is akin to pestering. Not just that, too much of honking can even affect health conditions. In case you live somewhere near a street where traffic is beyond bounds, you need to know this.

A new study by researchers inDenmarkstates that car horns, sirens and other traffic noises near homes can create cardiovascular risks.

The researchers found that the strength of heart attack increased to 12 percent with every roadway traffic noise.

According to researcher Mette Sorenson, older people are more susceptible to sleep disturbances, which could explain why the link was strongest for those 65 and over.

Sorenson and her fellow researchers found that the connection between heart attacks and roadway noises is strong. Choosing a low exposure room is better to avoid traffic noise, it has been suggested.

Other factors that might influence stroke include age, gender, smoking status, physical activity, and intake of vegetables, exposure to noise from railways and airports and exposure to air pollution.

It has also been proven earlier that exposure to high noise levels raises blood pressure.

Consider moving out of the city?