Human-Powered Helicopter Sets New World Record [Video]

Students from the University of Maryland have set a new world record of 35 second flight duration in the first successful human powered helicopter.

The Gamera II human powered helicopter team was motivated by the Sikorsky Prize offered by the American Helicopter Society International for the first successful human powered helicopter. TheUniversityofMarylanddesigned and built Gamera I, which weighs only 48.6 kg.

In July 2011 Gamera I set a flight record of 11.4 seconds. The team’s new project Gamera II is 33 % lighter than the previous one and capable of hovering for 60 seconds.

On June 20, 2011 Gamera II, the human-powered helicopter set a new, unofficial flight duration record of approximately 35 seconds. This new time line will replace the team’s previous world record of 11.4 seconds set on July 2011.

Three teams participated in the American Helicopter Society Igor I. Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Competition this summer.

The competition was about to build a helicopter powered by only by human means which can lifts off and hovers for 60 seconds.

The helicopter attained a height of three meters during the 60-second flight and stayed within a 10 square meter area during the flight.

Gamera II is lighter than the team’s first version and also features improvements in cockpit, transmission and rotor design. Gamera II team won a prize amount of $250,000.