Jism 2 Steamy Songs Head for the Net; No TV Release

Sunny Leone and Jism 2 are two names ruling the minds of the Bollywood film buff these days.

Sexually loaded, the film has been  much awaited and the songs are now out.. But then, all you couch potatoes glued to the TV screen expecting all those steamy scenes to unravel will be disappointed.

For, producer Pooja Bhatt has decided to air only asexual songs on TV. The steamy sequences are to be unveiled only on the internet.  Jism 2, incidentally, has 6 songs.

Of the total six, only 3 has asexual content and so only these will reach TV. The other three are for adults and will be watched over the internet.

The sequel to the earlier Jism that hit theaters in 2003, Jism 2 is hotter than the prequel.

The most fascinating aspect about the movie is that it has Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone playing a major role, along side Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda.  Stay tuned.