Innovative Bus Stop in Paris Offers Wi-Fi and Library

Those who depend on buses for transport are often bored with the long waiting they are forced to endure at the bus stops. But it seems that the scene is changing slowly.

A modern bus stop in Paris is being tested out, which seems not just a bus stop. This innovative bus stop is situated in the station Diderot and almost covering an area of ??80 m2.

RATP, the main transit in Paris has set up this bus stop which is dubbed ‘the bus stop of the future’. Designed by the urban designer Marc Aurel, the bus stop designed to combine with the urban environment, with a transport facade and an urban facade.

Here you can buy bus tickets, have a coffee and get the neighborhood information. The bus stop also offers services like a library from which you can lend books.

At this bus stop you can recharge your mobile phones, rent an electric bike and shelves are provided for your handbags.  Even the light arrangements in the bus stop can adjust to day and night conditions.

The bus stop features a number of information screens and free WiFi service. And when the stop senses that a bus is approaching a soft musical tune is played. The bus stop is completely modular therefore its size can be modified to any locations.