Rising at the BO: Spidey or the Bat?

As expected, Amazing Spider-Man is on a high streak and is making waves at the Box Office. It, in fact, collected $150 million over the past six days, which is more than what was expected.

The film has upped the bar of competition for the other 3D movies of its genre, by spurring the BO collection on Day One to an amount of $50 million.

It may be recalled that Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3, which had netted around $890 million beat all records in the Spiderman series till date. Although the new Spider-Man is making his way among the people, this latest, smaller, friendlier version of the spider may not be said as creating huge impressions on viewers.

Apparently, the kids believe a hero doesn’t need to wear a school bag while fighting crime. Parts of the movie do go on a bit of a drag too. It may also be seen that the movie ignites a whole bag of sentiments among the audience by faking a tragic end, but revives with a good twist.

It is hard not to compare this new hero with the familiar one, but if you are able to manage that, it does bring unto you good times. As for the action part, the movie gives you one hell of a thrill with the 3D effects and is indeed a visual treat.

Surprisingly, the movie opened bigger than The Avengers in most parts of Korea- the reason being that Japan – another nation in the Asian region – was the second biggest agent for Amazing Spider-Man.

Europedid not treat Amazing Spider-Man well too, with Entertainment Weekly pointing out that the new spidey did not make even half the business of Spiderman 3.

Watch out spidey, as July 20th would be another epic day on the entertainment terrain. A new hero will rise, probably to expectations. Yes, the final installment to the epic trilogy is all set for take off.

The Dark Knight Rises has already garnered the second-most number of votes ever on IMDB (718,000), and its 8.9 rating places it at number eight on the site’s top 250 list.

The Dark Knight Rises could deal a huge blow to the Amazing Spider-Man  and will most probably end the high flying streak. The Dark Knight Rises is expected to rake in $250 million at the counters.

Still, there has been concern about its box office potential, as Bane (Tom Hardy) being said to be an unworthy successors to the Joker (Heath Ledger). The fact that the legendary tale is coming to an end brings around mixed emotions among the viewers.

The expectation and anxiety are sure to shoot up in viewers’ minds, though the viewers would be treated to the end of a fantastic series.

So will Christopher Nolan live up to expectations with his The Dark Knight Rises? We will have to wait till the 20th of this month to find out! Till then, Spider-Man will continue to amaze.