F1 Chances as Olympic Sport Ruled Out

Jacques Rogge, the president of the IOC has ruled out Formula One as an Olympic sport saying that Olympic is a contest between athletes and not engines.

During a visit to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Rogges said that the International Olympic Committee can learn loads from the F1 management on how to organize mega sporting events.

He said there are many similarities between Formula One and the Olympic Games. Both of them are high quality sports and the competitors have the same spirit and the same mind.

The Formula One riders are great athletes, who are very fit and are very courageous and have strategic thinking, said Rogges. He called the F1 Circuit one of the most sacred places of automobile racing, but he firmly denied the possibility of Formula One becoming an Olympic Sport anytime soon.

He said the concept of having the games is about the competition for athletes and not equipments and so therefore with all due respect he excluded F1 from the Olympic program.

He went to say that the pits are very well organized and that there are a lot of things the IOC could learn from the F1 management.

Something that Rogges fears is the weather in London. With the London Olympics starting on July 27, a possibility of rain during the games has increased due to the two days of downpour that heavily disrupted Saturday’s qualifying session at Silverstone.