Billa 2: A Miserable Let Down

The much anticipated release of Billa 2 came as a big let down for the audience.  The expectations for the action packed thriller was sky high as the first edition of the movie (Billa) topped the top 10 in box office collections of 2007.

The movie is basically about David Billa’s (Ajith Kumar) convulsive journey to become the king of the underworld.

Unlike Billa, the sequel fails to bring the thrill needed for the targeted audience. The audience anticipated a thrill for their day after a day of hard work.

The technically brilliant film lacked punch in the dialogues used in the film. Ajith in Mankatha executed a similar role so brilliantly. The less impressive background score didn’t much say to his monstrous role.

The script, being very clichéd, just showed the audience some very violent footage and a very condemnable way of life, which would’ve been shown in a more glamorous way if the director actually knew how to make commercial cinema.

The movie actually started off a bit interesting due to the good use of camera by R D Rajasekhar, but the movie got to the lagging part and the viewers lost interest in the high definition visuals.

Yuvan Shanker Raja failed miserably in bringing us good background music, saving us by creating a sound track. A better musical choreography would’ve made the movie bearable.

The movie obviously turned a hit in Tamil homeland as stardom and publicity got the better of the crowd there.

I just hoped that Chakri Toleti would give us more output, as that was what we expected from a director who created a work like Unnaipol Oruvan.