By Scrat! Boring, Cold Storage Stuff

First things, first!  Ice Age- 4 is boring and a huge dishonor to the Ice Age series. Yes, to me, the hugely anticipated Ice Age- 4: Continental Drift came across as a huge let down.

Apart from the few laughs from the characters that had already established their comical position in the series, the movie is poorly directed piece of work I’ve seen after a long time.

Actually, the movie’s rhythm has a rapid beat and that is a bit odd.  That is, if you see Ice Age 4 as a kid’s movie.

The worst part is the director didn’t give the audience time to absorb the humor in the flick, even as the succeeding scene shortened the laughs.

Pauses are the few rich things that make a work a piece of art; this movie had none in it whatsoever.

The new generation is going into a fast mode of thinking, but the fast pace of the film could most probably create hyper activity and lack of attention span among children in the audience.

Further, there is a huge gap in the climax which made the end unbearable to watch. Fixing up a climax by smashing up a seemingly “perfect ending” wouldn’t help ratings go high up. Mind you, putting together a happy ending just for the sake of it doesn’t always create the magical feeling in people.

I could hear bored people whisper inside the theatre. The background score is also not worthy enough to make the over rated show an interesting one. I fail t understand why the film was presented in3D  – it would have been better off in 2D as I didn’t find any kind of a visual treat worthy of three-dimensional fun.

The theme is the only good part of the movie. But then, compared to the predecessors, this one is a let down.

I would’ve given the movie a better rating if it weren’t for the second half. My verdict: 1.5 . Watch it for the few laughs, that is only if you are up to the task.

Here’s the trailer, in case you are planning to watch the full movie even after reading this.