Keralites Prefer an In-Caste Marriage over Inter-Caste Marriage: Survey

Malayalees are generally perceived as traditional people, however, when it comes to choosing a life-partner, they prefer and in-caste marriage over inter-caste weddings.

A survey by online matrimony portal has showcased interesting findings wherein 78% Malayalees wouldn’t prefer having an inter-caste marriage. Only 22% Malayalees are open to marrying outside their caste and would look at compatibility.

The survey further revealed that females (67%) are more particular about getting married in the same caste over males (50%).

As many as 17% female and 28% male respondents feel that matching castes does not play an important role when it comes to choosing a life partner. The remaining respondents (16% females & 22% males) were not sure about their approach towards caste.

Horoscope matching has for long been a custom in almost all South Indian houses. Even though Malayalees are modern when it comes to marriage, majority of Malayalee women (83%) prefer matching horoscopes before taking a leap into marriage.

However, 58% Malayalee men prefer compatibility over horoscope matching or caste. Earlier, being compatible was thought to be of the same class and community. But now, the likes, dislikes, difference in opinions are all considered to be part of compatibility.

Commenting on the survey results, Gourav Rakshit, Chief Operating Officer,, said “All in all, people are changing their mindset when it comes to marriages, owing with the advancement in technology and mass-media. The survey brought to the surface heaps of trends which revealed some interesting insights about marriage preference amongst Malayalees, which seems to be modern yet traditional, a society which is quite open to many modern ideas but yet does not splurge beyond the boundaries of traditions and beliefs.”