Japanese Guy Puts Earth On Sale; Gets 3085 Bids!

How crazy can people get? Even in your wildest dreams would you never guess the heights of craziness of this man from Japan!  He tried to sell the earth online! Yes folks, this Japanese guy placed planet earth on auction at Yahoo Auctions. The bid amount was just ¥9,889,899,888 (US $123,000,000) for the third planet in the solar system. How cool is that?

Apparently the “owner of the earth” appears to be quite a joker, as his previous auctions include items like a speaker cable, broken pen and a rusty spanner.

If you are thinking of placing a bid, let us tell you, you are late. The bid time for owning the earth from its inhabitants was over on November 6, at 10: 23. The auction started on October 30th and lasted 7 days. The auction was quite a hit,  registering 3085 number of bids. Hey, who wouldn’t try to buy the earth online if they had the chance?

You might roll on the floor laughing while you read about the specifications and details of the auction like ‘the no return policy’, or the delivery method and the earth’s authenticity.

And this, my fellow human beings, was the weirdest story that you possibly heard in your life time, right?

It only proves how the internet offers you anything in the world if you have money in your pockets! Even the world, for that matter!