Curtains Down on Ivano Fest 2013

By Abhilash S

Ivano fest logoAs I stand beneath the star studded sky totally enchanted by the magical rhythm of AGAM, memories from the last three mesmerizing days were flashing before me. The Ivanios which we saw in daylight is nothing compared to the beauty it attains under the silver crescent moon. Though it was hard for everyone there to believe the time had finally come for the magnificent fete to end.

Not only did Ivano Fest 2013 redefine Valentine’s day for the campus dwellers of Trivandrum this year, it also became a medium for those who wanted to register their presence within the campus circle, offering a new platform for communication.

With 30 plus events over a 1000 participants, Mar Ivanios College now has the right to claim that they have succeeded in achieving more than what any other arts institution in the state can ever dream of.  Words cannot express the warmth and hospitality of the organizers who were patient and ready to cater to any of your needs.

The third day witnessed some excellent management skills from the organizers as they guided the participants through an extremely confusing schedule where over 4 or 5events were going on at the same time.

The concluding ceremony was presided over by Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, who emphasized on the role such festivals had on the education system. Bobby Chemmanur, who was also present, urged students to “,ake the world a better place and spread love.”

The celebrations have now come to an end and the gates of Mar Ivanios will remain closed for outsiders for the next 365days. Among thousands who walk down Bethany Hills, I find none who regret spending 3 days away from their colleges and away from their usual life.