Analog Devices India to Conduct Live Webinar Series on Efficient Power Management Solutions

Analog Devices, a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, will conduct a series of live webinar sessions during April-May on “Efficient Power Management solution for your Design” for various system designs across multiple verticals, from communication infrastructure to industrial, healthcare and automotive sectors.

analogdevicesThe webinar will help participants understand the challenges, benefits and cost implications of choosing different power system architectures, reference circuits and power simulation tools available to them.

The webinar will also help decode challenges and help system designers understand custom solutions available to address issues related to power needs.

Analog Devices designs power management products to complement ADI’s signal chains where signal integrity requires an efficient power design.

The reference circuits and ADIsimPower tool from ADI make selecting and designing power circuits easier and more targeted.

ADI continues to brings its 47-year old legacy of reliability, innovation, performance, and value in signal processing ICs with its growing portfolio of linear and switching regulators, multi-output regulators, analog and digital power controllers, supervisory, sequencing and hot swap (& load switch) products.

Click here for webinar schedule details.

(Business Wire India)