Student Safety takes a major leap with Gurusparsh

In an attempt to do away with the information lag between parents of students and the faculty of the school the students study in, Trivandrum-based software development and web services company ThoughtRipples has come up with an innovative web service, christened Gurusparsh. The present day scenario calls for the safety of children, who are constantly at risk, and the noble innovation from the company helps address the problem to a larger extent.

GURUSPARSHAimed primarily at keeping parents in the loop about the attendance and whereabouts of school children after they leave for school and before they reach home, GuruSparsh is an education system tool that would facilitate and ease communication between faculty, parents and students.

According to Mr Deepak Cherry George, CEO, ThoughtRipples, “Gurusparsh enables teachers and school managements to send information about students’ absence, class notifications, and marks via SMS and e-mail to parents or guardians”.

Elaborating on the functioning of Gurusparsh, Mr Deepak George added that the software is in fact simple, easy to use, and intuitive. “Using Gurusparsh, upto 1,00,000 transactional SMSes can be sent at a time. Besides this, the software also comes in handy with regard to drafting of examination results and notifying them to parents from time to time”.

Gurusparsh is useful in creating detailed 24-hour logs, draft email notifications and thereby ensuring student safety, as well as keeping parents and guardians updated on students’ activities in class. All these would be made available for much less than the existing prices.

In case a family sends more than one child to the same school, Gurusparsh can be deployed in such a way that one single SMS that details all about the students from the same family be sent. This would reduce the monotony of the parent from going through multiple SMSes.

One of the most prominent Mr Deepak George added that the company’s Student Safety Programme (SSP) has ensured that the SMS alert and email of student absentees, notifications to classes, groups and individuals, marks update and the like are sent from a single platform in an utmost user-friendly way.

The software works even if the receiving phone or tablet has activated the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature. This helps the parents to be doubly sure that tracking of details of their child is done in a flawless manner.

As a pilot project, GuruSparsh has been successfully launched in 200 schools in the government and public sector across Kerala. The Gurusparsh services include updates with regard to the Student Safety Programme, Parent-Faculty Login System, School Website updates, Examination Module and the School Management System.

Apart from targeting schools where such technology driven student safety services are no hitherto offered, ThoughtRipples is also looking at deploying a complete school management system in the coming days.

The company is looking at roping in the maximum number of schools to be part of the movement, which it believes is a noble effort aimed at student safety.

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