Sandra Bullock Gains All Applause for Gravity Role

gravityIs it common that the viewers become sentimental watching a space movie or any science fiction flick for that matter? Normally, it isn’t that way. But if the film ‘Gravity’ fails to trigger the emotions in you, then you are surely stone-hearted!

Sandra Bullock, who starred with George Clooney in the film, is attracting all laurels. Her character, Dr. Ryan Stone, has been really superb. With her talented performance, the Golden Globe award winner of 2010 has made people cry in empathy, joy and frustration.

Dr. Ryan Stone is a talented mission specialist, who has a bad day in space. She reminds cine goers that space crew are also common people with emotions and worries, although they are not supposed to be emotional.

The character goes through all the faces of confronting tragedy, which may up the emotional gears of the viewers.

The film has received widespread acceptance all over the globe on the first day of release itself. Warner Brothers are distributing this 3D space drama.

The film tells the story of the first space shuttle mission of Dr. Ryan with another veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski. The story progresses as the space shuttle is getting destroyed and leaving the astronauts in space with very few amount of air. The film takes the viewer to space along with the characters, for sure.