Ajitha Suchitra Veera’s Ballad of Rustom Generates Oscar Buzz

balladofrustomThe world is just a few months away from this year’s Academy Awards. But, already creating a new kind of buzz in the celluloid terrain is is Ajitha Suchitra Veera, the film maker whose ‘Ballad of Rustom’ is heading for the 86th Oscar venue. Along with a handful of movies participating from India, Ballad of Rustom will have its theatrical screening between November 8 and 14 at Los Angeles.

Said to be excellent in all departments, Ballad of Rustom  is being positioned as bringing to the fore Ajitha Suchitra Veera’s excellence in film craft.

Narrating the tale of Rustom, a lineman in a rural Indian village, it talks of how he spends time by wandering . It also tells the tale of his association with Kapil, a young man who works on the suburban trains. Rustom is an unsung hero of this era where there is no place for morality and idealism in the minds of human beings.

ajita-suchitra-veeraAccording to a promotional write up of the film, the director of has succeeded in crafting the movie to perfection. All the characters are well sketched, let it be Rustom, Kapil or other small characters in the movie. The audience is expected to be charmed with the richness and beauty of the Indian countryside captured in the movie.

Special mention is due to the background score, as it took more than 18 months of effort to compose the scores for this movie.

The sync sound technology used in the movie gives a realistic sound experience, and this will take you to a journey through the interiors of rural India.

This is not the first time that Ajitha Suchitra Veera is appearing for Oscar Competition.

Her short film, “Notes on Her” was enlisted for an Oscar nomination in the Honorary Foreign film category in the shorts section. ‘Ballad of Rustom’ has set the expectations sky high in this year’s Oscar Race.