Violence is Part of Life and it is Narrated by My Films: Kim Ki Duk

KimWhen Kim Ki Duk speaks, Kerala listens. Such is the respect, the film loving community in the state showers on this famed Korean film maker.  No film festival editions of late have missed out on including Kim’s opuses. This time around, the director flew down to be part of the festival which is into its 18th year. And, it was an occasion for IFFK to rejoice.

When he sat down for a conversation (aided by a hopelessly incapable interpreter, who seemed to be at odds with both the languages), the audience was more than thrilled. It was as if a dream just came true.

Facing a volley of questions, Kim seemed at ease talking to his new found fans. Acknowledging the fact that his films are wrought with violence, he justified this aspect by elaborating that violence is just part of human life. Violent behavior is a means to bring out the secrets that lie embedded in people’s lives, he explained.

“Life is made of a variety of hues. It is painted black, white, red and more. When there’s light, there has to be a shadow too. My movies bring to life these shadows,” he stated.

Pointing out that his films take birth from the sufferings that human beings undergo, he said it is only natural that violence is part of such lives.

To a query, he said the modern day society has been commoditising beauty. The society makes it a point to attach a price tag to whatever is beautiful.

In such a context, it needs to be noted that most of the relationships are fake and noncommittal. I have been trying to say this through my films, Kim Ki Duk said.