Aam, Badnaam and 365 Days of Buffoonery

kejriwalEven as the final rays of the 2013 sun get fading, rating the past 365 days could come about as a daunting task. Not because the year had so much of positives that would let no negative analysis possible.  In fact, year 2013 was wrought with happenings that would have made the aam aadmi puke.

Even a so-called messiah like Arvind Kejriwal faltered, when it came to grabbing power. After all, democracy in India, or anywhere else in the world, means power to those that think they are powerful enough to look down upon those who push them up the ladder.

The Aam Aadmi Party indeed proved to be something the people were looking forward to in an era of corrupt and dishonest politics. Kejriwal and his common man army promised much and the junta gave them the mandate – well almost.

As the prospects were left hanging, AAP went about seeking the support of the party that has been beaten black and blue by the electorate for its corrupt practices. That, for the nation, made 2013 the funniest of years in recent times.

Even as the nation gets set for a brand new year, the comic scenes continue at the seat of power. The powers that be, hold on not knowing that they are despised beyond what they could even imagine. Meanwhile, those loved for their stance against corrupt and anti-people policies have gone ahead and brought to their fold ‘conditional’ support from those they wanted to teach a lesson.

rahul-gandhiElsewhere, another man from Gandhi’s land started riding on public sentiment and dreams of becoming 2014’s poster boy.  His credentials betray Gandhian ideals, but the young and the upwardly mobile swear by him. Going by the grand old adage, ignorance is, of course,  bliss. They know not what they are doing, or do they? However, this man, called Narendra Modi, is loving it.

Yonder, another kid, who dreamt of being the apple of the eye of all that is Indian, saw himself stuck in the rat hole of dynasty. Contributing to his fall was none other than a former banker, who himself proved nothing more than an NPA. Rahul Gandhi, for that matter,  never had anything to bank on as far as his party’s much spoken about government and its famed liberalisation-wand-wielding chief executive were concerned.

All the political drama staged on Indian soil were equalled by those in Bollywood too. The Chennai Expresses, the Satyagrahas, the third editions of Krish and Dhoom and what not, played in tandem with the political buffoonery all through the year.

India cinema buffs witnessed special effects, circuses, lungi dances, Facebook tears,  Poonam Pandeys, Aamir Khans, Abhishek (who!) Bachchans, Sunny Deols, Leones and bunny rabbits that shed all they had on them, over the 365 day period. The political spectrum too saw all these in varied proportions.

modiSome heroes turned zeroes, some comic performers, some sleaze merchants, while some zeroes grew moustaches and rode the popularity terrain to be heroes, with babes sans brains and clothes in arms.

The Indian political circus proved nothing beyond a C-grade Bollywood creation. All things go viral here, to be pushed down and despised.

One man that still smiles seems to be Narendra Modi. May be, 2013 just spared him, thanks to the innumerable men and women who think and believe he is the man who will lift their nation from the depths. The tint of saffron and the fading hues of secularism go unseen. 2014, why should you dawn after all?