Shaktisree, Music’s Newest Poster Girl, Looks Homeward

sakthisree_interview7For a girl who is both young and talented, this one is a sure winner. In her early twenties, this young girl who hails from Kochi, has already set milestones for those to come.

She gave life to the title track of Yash Chopra’s last flick “Jab Tak Hain Jaan” through her voice, and even before that she rose to fame with the song “Nenjukullae” from the movie “Kadal”, the songs of which were composed by one of the most spoken about music maestros in India, A.R. Rahman .

Shaktishree Gopalan chats exclusively to Blive about the one person she can authentically speak about, herself!

Shaktishree says despite being from Kerala she has sung only a couple of Malayalam songs. Considering that she speaks her mother tongue quite fluently, it triggers some amount of curiosity as to why so less.


“I sang my first Malayalam song in 2013, and never got a chance to sing before that. I was born and brought up in Kochi, I was there till I finished my schooling and in 2006 I went to Chennai to do Architecture. So I guess things just happened in Chennai,” Shaktishree says, smiling.

Shaktishree isn’t looking forward to confining herself to just playback singing. She has been associated with two bands. “I have been associated with a couple of bands. I had this line-up, we called ourselves “Off The Record” and that was an alternative pop rock kind of a band. Then, after that I, have been performing with this one called the Pyjama Conspiracy. We do a lot of crazy, easy listening music and stuff.


As of now, for 2014, she has been working on her own projects, and she hopes they will see the light of the day very soon. She says: “I have been wanting to release them for some time now, they are some of my independent stuff, more like singer, song writer material on SoundCloud, YouTube and the like. Hopefully this is the year that all that is going to take place”.

Shaktishree remarks that though independent song production is not huge in India, things are changing. “Things are changing for good. For instance, even today (at the CERA-Big Music event where she performed) there was a category called Best Song in the Non Music category, and that is outside of film music. That itself is a big step to recognise independent productions” she says.


On her latest song on the film “Camel Safari” she says, “Deepu Kaithapuram did the music and it was great working with him. Since his father wrote the lyrics, he was very passionate about the song coming out well. And, it was a very pretty girly song. I loved the way they filmed it too”.

And here is Shaktishree, all out to win the hearts of the people of her home state . . .


Photographs: Kesh