Ebola Just a Transient Phenomenon, Says Dr Robert Gallo


The main threat humankind faces as far as viral diseases are concerned is from the HIV virus, according to Dr.Robert Gallo, the eminent scientist who co-discovered HIV as the cause of AIDS.

Speaking at a symposium on Emerging and re-emerging viral diseases: Developing a strategy for surveillance at the India International Public health Conference organized by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Kerala on Friday, he said “we need to find a vaccine to prevent HIV and that will happen in near future.” As far as Ebola is concerned, it is only a transient phenomenon and it will subside very soon, he added.

Dr K Ellangovan, Health Secretary, Kerala inaugurated the ‘India International Public Health Conference. The seminar as part of the event was attended by more than 1000 delegates from India and abroad and various issues relating to public health were discussed.

As many as 30 research papers were presented at the conference. As part of the conference a seminar on ‘Viruses and Cancer’ by Dr.Robert Gallo, ‘Cancer Control in Kerala’ by Dr.M V Pillai, ‘Vaccine: The most successful public health’ measure by Prof Dr. Noel Narayanan were organized. A seminar on Public health professionals–?opportunities and challenges was also held.