Leading from the Front: An Officer who Believes in the Potential of the Youth

P Vijayan mainAble leaders have, all along the history of India, made an impact on the Indian psyche by their deeds worth emulating. The south Indian state of Kerala has witnessed many such men and women who have made a difference. For them, the welfare of the people around them figured foremost in whatever they did. One such officer is creating waves with a slew of unique projects that aim at making lives better.

Talk to P Vijayan IPS, currently DIG and the man at the helm of a variety of projects being implemented by the State Government, and you will realize why his efforts are turning out to be much talked about ones not just within the state, but beyond Kerala’s boundaries too.

It has been recorded that 50 percent of India’s population is less than 25 years of age. By the dawn of year 2030, India will have the world’s largest population, at around 153 crore. Of this, the youth would constitute about 95 crore, or 63 percent. For the country to benefit from this demographic profile, India’s youth must become capable of leadership in all fields of human activity, he says. P Vijayan is one officer who strongly believes that India stands to gain through the proper utilization of the largest youth population the country boasts of.

P Vijayan ips_ new 1His measures that set the goal of reaping the best for the nation by the proper mentoring of the young minds, who will soon be a force to reckon with on a global scenario are paying off. A deeper look into the Student Police Cadet Project that he has initiated in Kerala’s schools would reveal why guiding children from the high school level onwards has worked wonders.

For a man who had had humble beginnings, P Vijayan knows what needs to be done to create a young productive India. A far reaching concept that has already gained immense traction, the Student Police Cadet project is a dream come true for the state that fully looks forward to the potential of its future generation.

Officially launched in a statewide network of 100 government schools in August 2010 by the then Chief Minister of Kerala, the SPC project aims at moulding a nation where students of today grow up as leaders of tomorrow. With a noble motto that reads ‘We Learn to Serve’, the Student Police Cadet project with P Vijayan IPS as mentor and State Nodal Officer, has come a long way since inception. The project is now looking beyond Kerala with many other states adopting the concept for implementation on a wider scale.

P Vijayan ips_ new 3Yet another youth-focused initiative conceived and implemented by Vijayan IPS, the Our Responsibility to Children (ORC) project took shape during his capacity as an official concerned with reducing juvenile crime. The ORC project works towards rehabilitating vulnerable and deviant youth to the mainstream of society rather than locking them away in institutions. The project has as its main tasks mentoring such youth by way of training and motivating them to return to the good path of social life.

These apart, the Nanma initiative, which he conceived implemented, is a youth-focused and educationally oriented programme that seeks to mentor and develop youth from poorer sections of society into capable and successful youth. P Vijayan IPS has been instrumental in establishing Nanma Learning Centres in seven locations across Kerala. Statistics prove that hundreds of high school students from economically backward families have benefited from their association with the organization.

P Vijayan ips_ new 2The common man, who rose to wear the Indian Police Service tag, has seen it all. Having had to discontinue education and work as labourer during his childhood days, P Vijayan’s determination to be educated saw him realizing his ambition of being a police officer who can be a better leader.

Many other projects including the Punyam Poonkavanam project that aims at making the forest shrine of Sabarimala free-of-waste, have been riding the success wave. Born in Puthurmadhom, Kozhikode, Kerala, P Vijayan attended the local Government School during his early years.

He went on to earn a Master’s degree in Economics from the Calicut University.  Before being part of the Indian Civil Service in 1999, P Vijayan also had professional stints both as an educational researcher and lecturer.

P Vijayan ips_ new 6P Vijayan IPS, with an impressive service record in policing of over 15 years, has excelled in various key assignments under successive Governments of Kerala, involving the security and safety of our communities.

During his decade and a half long career, P Vijayan IPS has served as District Police Chief in the Districts of Kasaragod, Malappuram, Ernakulam (Rural) and Thiruvananthapuram (Rural). He has also served as Commissioner of Police in Kochi City, Kozhikode City, Thrissur City and Thiruvananthapuram City. He is the first and only police official to have held the post of Commissioner of Police in all four Commissionerates of Kerala.

CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Awards 2014 picking him as one of the nominees in the Public Service category has come at the right moment. Ask him about it and P Vijayan IPS says with all modesty, “I see this nomination as a recognition of the efforts I and my team have put in to make projects such as Student Police Cadet (SPC), Our Responsibility to Children (ORC), Punyam Poonkavanam and the like really worthwhile. Our vision of bringing up children to be leaders of tomorrow is being taken note of on a wider scale”.

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