Hyundai Motor India Social Media Presence Touches New Milestone

Hyundai - Social Media achievement - InfographicPassenger car maker Hyundai Motor India has achieved a remarkable milestone in the social media space with over 5.5 million fans on Facebook and over 17.5 million video views on YouTube.

These milestones are a part of Hyundai’s strategy to actively reach out to a larger cross section of customer base and engage on a real time basis through social media platforms.

The growth rate of Hyundai India’s digital presence has almost doubled in the past few months, and the quality of fan engagement, has been the highest in the digital space amongst any automobile manufacturer.

HMI’s  endeavor is to enhance the customer connect through continuous innovation & evolve as a youthful & exciting brand. Hyundai strongly focuses on the digital marketing platforms to connect with the Indian youth and engage with customers directly.

Being a youth-oriented brand, Hyundai has adopted an approach that strikes a chord with current youthful trends which are engaging and active throughout all digital platforms.

The Indian car buyer is getting younger and is fast in adapting to global trends. Studies revealed that the communication behavior amongst the youngsters is evolving.

Hyundai has designed a new strategy by introducing the pictograms, infographics and emoticons which is a common language adapted by the youth to communicate with each other.

The brand has successfully created memorable campaigns and experiences for young Indian customers and has positioned itself as an ace auto brand on social media during the recent launch of Grand i10, Elite i20, all-new 4S Fluidic Verna and i20 Active.

The key to Hyundai’s success is its ability to connect with the Indian customers through appropriate products that appeal to diverse segments and excite them towards the ownership of Hyundai brand.