As Woes Wane, Sreesanth Has His Eyes on the Ball

With the court absolving all fixing charges against S. Sreesanth, Kochi’s most popular cricketing lad is now looking at playing for Kerala this season. Further, his long term plan is set for making himself ready to play the 2019 World Cup.

The immediate plan is to appear in the Kerala Ranji trophy squad. Sreesanth, who had got himself involved in showbiz after the spot-fixing scandal  in 2013 brought to his doorstep and career all woes,  is keen on picking up the ball again.

Though the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is adamant about upholding the ban on Sreesanth playing again, even after the court verdict, Sreesanth remains hopeful.

The cricketer, who has already gone through the worst times, believes that he would be able to try and make his presence felt on the cricket field again.

If he survives fitness odds, chances are that we might get to witness the famous fast balls that get launched against formidable opponents yet again.