Big FM – IDBI Childsurance Phase II Campaign Begins

Thiruvananthapuram: FM radio major has enters Phase II of the IDBI Childsurance Campaign. While Phase I focused on an innovative strategy of

With an emphasize on good parenting, understanding and tackling the developmental stages of children from 0-8 years, radio network 92.7 BIG FM and IDBI Federal Life Insurance have launched their second phase of the IDBI Childsurance Campaign in the Kerala capital.

While the Phase I had focused on  providing entertainment with a cause with the launch of Childsurance Radio Film Festival, Phase II has brought to the focus a campaign titled ‘Mathapithakalude School’

Popular actress Menaka along with an expert panel of child psychologists and financial advisors will share parenting tips on how to deal with problems faced by kids at a young age.

The expert panel that comprises Menaka, child psychologist Veena and an RJ from 92.7 BIG FM will discuss topics and the importance of financial planning for children.

The discussions would be aimed at young parents who wish to secure their child’s future financially, and will span across a variety of topics and tips on how to deal with the problems of a growing child.

The 45-minute broadcast has begun on the radio network on October 12, and can be listened to from Monday to Friday for 15 days.