DYFI poster

DYFI Poster Invites Deepa Nisanth Ire

Kozhikode: The DYFI found itself pushed to a corner after the Left youth organization came up with a poster that had a picture Deepa Nisanth, the lecturer who was recently at the centre of a controversy after her stance on the beef fest at Kerala Varma College, prominently on it.

Deepa lashed out at the DYFI for having used her picture in the poster announcing a conference about which she had no knowledge of. The poster created for the DYFI for the organisation’s Ponnani block conference sprang up on public domain, thus inviting the lecturer’s ire.

Deepa took to Facebook saying that using her photo without her knowledge amounted to hooliganism and that it was a wrong move by whoever has done it. She said in her post that the individual named Deepa Nisanth hasn’t been involved in major social or cultural activities so that she becomes so prominent enough to be featured on a poster.

Adding that it is solely her personal decision whether to be involved or has future plans as to whether she should be part of any social or cultural activity, she said she wouldn’t want anyone else to decide that for her. She also called for respect of privacy of an individual before going about such things.