Catering to Customers from J&K to the Smallest Town in Kerala

 Offering customized skin decals for most of the popular cell phones, including the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices, and also MP3 Players and Laptops, Skin4Gadgets is fast gaining in prominence in the customization arena. Skin4Gadgets, which started operations in March 2015, has also signed an exclusive deal with is on road to becoming the largest individual seller on after its catalog of 1 million products goes live.

Blive caught up with Sagar Nagda, Co-owner of, for an exclusive chat and here’s what he has to tell us about his company’s offerings and plans for the future:

As the India marketplace witnesses new devices that come in various shapes and sizes, the accessories business brings with it added challenges in such a way that new gadgets call for newer accessories. How prepared are you to address these challenges of growing demand?

We are very well prepared for this. We have a process set. We review each week what are the upcoming gadgets for the week, and based on that, we take actions to add accessories on our website and our Amazon store. The advantage we have is that we are based out of South Mumbai ,  the largest accessory market of India. We have tied up with local suppliers there to give us updated accessories very quickly.

You are a comparatively new entrant in the scene. Did you at any point of time face a problem of demand? What strategy do you have in place so as to spur customers to choose your products in the ever changing world of loyalties?

We faced a lot of problems on generating demand. We thought of making our brand by third party distribution channels. We started our store at and we got good visibility and good number of orders there. We have over one million SKUs on We are in talks with large electronics chains to sell our products. In the near future, we are also planning to start partner program for small retail shops.

Mobiles02Urban buyers consider devices as fashion statements, more than the utility they offer. What all have you made sure to meet urban requirement?

We have very good design team. We have more than 10 designers dedicated to work on new designs. While most of the guys focus only on customized or designer mobile cases, we offer many accessories such as mobile skins, iPad skin, iPad covers, Laptop skins, Laptop sleeves, and Power banks. You can get your style statement across any gadget accessories you wish.

Could you please elaborate on the products you have in your racks. What more do you plan to add?
Sagar Nagda
Sagar Nagda

We have currently mobile cases various categories, mobile skins, laptop skins, laptop sleeves, laptop hard-shells, iPad skins, iPad cases, iPad smart cases, Mugs, and Power banks. We are planning to start more personalized products for kids such as sippers, tiffin boxes, compass boxes, piggy banks, t-shirts and many more.  Currently, we are also selling canvas in the home décor category, we are one of the very few players in India doing split panel canvas. The canvas which we use is of very good quality and we give it wooden wrapped to the customer. In the near future, we will add more products in home décor category as well.

Please explain the reach Skin4gadgets as a product company has managed in the India – both urban and rural.

MugsWe are primarily an ecommerce player and hence can be reached anywhere in India. We get orders right from Jammu & Kashmir up till the smallest town in Kerala. We have also got orders from Andaman & Nicobar Islands. We have tie up with 2 courier companies but we do deliver to any zip code in India using Indian post incase those courier companies do not have service there. In urban cities we also take part in events and exhibitions for sales.

What do you see driving your company and products five years down the line?

As a leading player in customization across the globe, we want to sell all customizable products across electronics accessories, kid’s stationary, home décor, lifestyle etc. We will aggregate online with offline channels and our vision is to sell our products in more than 5000 stores.

What would you hold aloft as unique about your products? Where do your products stand in terms of competition?

Laptops01One of the uniqueness about our products is personalization. One more uniqueness which we have is the depth and coverage in terms of number of gadgets. No website In India offers skins precisely cut for over 200 gadgets models – we are the only company doing it. We also have good coverage in terms of cases, we have 100+ models for cases. We also have license to sell official merchandise of Universal Music celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Bob Marley, Katy Perry, Queen, Rolling Stones etc.

Could you tell us more on your manufacturing strategy? Do you have plans to increase manufacturing facilities?

We manufacture everything in-house. We have invested a big amount in machinery and of course, want to expand our manufacturing facilities as we grow. Our target is within one quarter and we want a bigger facility. We are also focusing more on getting advanced machinery and hence decreasing manual dependency and increasing productivity.

Do you offer customization as required by buyers? Do you have tie ups with known brands in this regard?

Our entire positioning is around customization. We do offer customization to buyers. We do bulk orders from corporates for branding themselves on some accessories.

You have mentioned that Skin4gadgets is self-funded and has no external funding. Are there plans to go in for external funding any time soon?

We are all committed serial entrepreneurs and have invested around Rs 1.5 crore already from our savings into this venture. As mentioned earlier, we want to expand our manufacturing facility as well as sales channels within one quarter. Within a quarter we will look for external funding, however, we want to take someone who is experienced in e-commerce and who can add some value on to our board.