Vineeth Waxes Lyrical about Low-Budget Movie ‘Lens’

Vineeth Sreenivasan is all praise for the upcoming low-budget movie Lens,  written, directed and produced by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan. The actor-director showered praise on the film in his Facebook account.

Starting with a note of thanks to Jayaprakash for arranging the advanced screening, Vineet’s Facebook post appreciated the movie for its honest and gritty nature, which would haunt movie viewers with its true tone.

He also branded the movie as a ‘must watch’ for all the internet savvy generation of the present age.

Vineet limited the details about the movie in his post, considering that the movie is yet to be released.  He also appreciated the efforts of Lal Jose, who has decided to take up the distribution of the film after being impressed with the movie.

The film will be hitting the screens on June 17.