Aboobacker Amani Chosen R&D Executive Director of Arakkal Museum

Kannur: Aboobacker Amani has been appointed as the executive director of Research and Development of the Arakkal Museum under the Arakkal Royal Trust, a team of Arakkal King family, the Muslim rulers of old Malabar based in Kannur.

AmaniThe renowned Arakkal Museum houses ancient and historical monuments of the Arakkal dynasty. Amani, who currently holds positions, including chairman of the Quba Educational Trust and Chief librarian of the Quba Library, has previously led several donor-funded major tourism, urban development and infrastructure programs under different organisations including the Mehroli historical research commission, a media release said.

Amani also holds a Master’s degree and is a graduate from the Jamia al-Maqar and Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya.