Organ Transplantation: Licensed Hospitals in Kerala Violate Law

Thiruvananthapuram: The hospitals eligible for conducting organ transplantation surgeries in Kerala are turning a blind eye to the law.

According to the guidelines, hospitals should publish the complete details of organ donation on their websites. They have also violated the law that the details of expenditure for the surgery have to be revealed in public.

In Kerala, about 23 hospitals have licence to conduct organ transplantation surgery. But all the hospitals have not posted the details of the aforementioned on their respective websites.

According to the amendment to the Transplantation of Human Organ Act 2008, the hospitals must reveal the details of the surgery, information regarding the donor and recipient, cost of surgery and if the surgery success or failure.

If the doctor, who is part of the surgery team, leaves the hospital, the licence will be suspended and again a qualification test should be conducted. But this law is also not implemented.

Director of Medical Education oversees that the hospitals adhere to the law. If violations found, the licence of the hospital will be suspended.