Sabarimala Ritual Violation: Report Filed Against Bizman Sunil, Actor Jayaram

Thiruvananthapuram: Devaswom Vigilance has submitted a report against Kollam-based entrepreneur Sunil in the allegation that the temple ritual was violated during Vishu festival. The report points out to the erroneous things like the early opening of sanctum sanctorum for Vishu festival and giving permission for puja.

It also states that the performance of actor Jayaram on the percussion instrument “Edakka” is against the temple rule. Further action has been recommended in the report, which was submitted to Devaswom Minister.

Earlier, it was decided to open the sanctum sanctorum on April 10 evening for Vishu festival. But ignoring this decision, the temple was opened in the morning and one devotee was given permission to conduct special pujas. It happened with the knowledge of Sabarimala Executive Officer. The businessman from Kollam had obtained permission for conducting pujas on that day earlier, according to the probe.

Sunil had an agreement with the officials in the temple and there wasn’t any effort from the part of the “thanthri” to stop the ritual violation.

Jayaram had played “Edakka” during the noon puja and it was also considered as a temple ritual violation. The report suggests action against four people for custom violation.