Fortis Malar Celebrates Successful 150 Organ Transplants

Chennai: It was a unique gathering of 150 people, who underwent organ transplants, to celebrate completion of 150 successful organ transplants at the Fortis Malar Hospital in the city.

All the 150 patients, who got a fresh lease of life after the transplant, assembled to celebrate the milestone. They also cut a cake in the presence of senior hospital transplant experts to mark the occasion.

This is the first time any hospital has performed this record number of heart transplants in the entire South Asia.

The Centre has sustained an excellent outcome with one-year survival rate in over 90 per cent of all transplants conducted.

The team of doctors led by Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan, Director, Cardiac Sciences, Fortis Centre for Heart Failure and Transplant and Dr. Suresh Rao KG, Chief of Cardiac Anesthesia and Critical Care at Fortis Malar Hospital were present on the occasion.

Speaking on the achievement, Dr Balakrishnan said: ”India has found an answer to the organ scarcity question in Tamil Nadu. We have been able to achieve this feat because of the love and support that the organ donation cause has received from all sections of the society in the State.”

The scarcity of various organs has been posing an enormous barrier from saving many lives today.

According to government estimates, the need of organ transplants for new cases of organ failure every year is two lakh for kidneys; 30,000 for liver and 50,000 for heart.

With the growing incidence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in India, the importance of raising the pitch for organ donation was of paramount importance.

As per an estimate of World Health Organization (WHO), NCDs were estimated to account for almost 5.87 million, which works out to 60 per cent of total deaths in India.

“Among others Cardio Vascular Diseases like Coronary Heart Disease, stroke and hypertension contribute majority of all deaths due to NCD at 45 per cent,” he said.

Explaining the gravity of the situation, Dr Suresh Rao said, “It is time that we acknowledge that the situation is grim. The demand for organs is only going to rise.”

”In a country of billion people, we are not short of clinical expertise, infrastructure or benevolence but awareness about organ donation. Majority of people are still unaware of the possibility of cadaver donation to save lives,” he added.