Habitat, A Fitting Response to Luxurious Housing Concept: Speaker

Thiruvananthapuram: Inaugurating ‘Habfest-30’, a four-day event marking the beginning of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Habitat Technology Group, Kerala Assembly Speaker P. Sreeramakrishnan said the group has been pioneering in revolutionizing the housing sector by standing up for sustainable and green architecture and for being a influential response to Malayali’s fake vanity of luxurious houses.

“Kerala has become a graveyard of luxury houses, a mark of Malayali’s unnecessary sense of exhibitionism,” the Speaker said. “On one hand we have hundreds living homeless, and on the contrary there are as many plush houses built, but unoccupied,” noted Sreeramakrishnan.

“Over the years Habitat Group has been a guiding light for making us realize the concept of house is shelter and not a symbol of vanity,” he added.

“Habitat with their unique concept of affordable and ecologically sustainable building ways and also by utilizing our traditional architectural wisdom and local materials has been leading a suitable alternative in shelter sector,” the Speaker said.

A seminar on “Developing Trivandrum as a Green Heritage city” by veteran architect N. Mahesh followed the inaugural ceremony yesterday.