IMA Garners 20k Ambulatory BP readings from Docs in A Single Day

Kochi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA), in concert with the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) and Eris Lifesciences recorded the maximum number of ambulatory blood pressure readings amongst the medical fraternity in a single day.

About 20,000 readings were taken of 533 doctors, including those of the IMA leadership spanning in 33 Indian cities.

The aim of the programme is to raise awareness about the benefits of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in the timely and correct diagnosis of hypertension on the occasion of the World Hypertension Day 2017.

“The IMA National study on ambulatory blood pressure measurement amongst doctors conducted in partnership with HCFI and Eris Lifesciences revealed that 21% of the doctors surveyed had masked hypertension or isolated ambulatory hypertension. In simple terms, their BP readings were normal when evaluated through the conventional clinic measurement technique but high through the ABPM technique,” said Padma Shri Dr K.K. Aggarwal, National President of IMA and HCFI.

“Masked hypertension is associated with an increased long-term risk of sustained hypertension and cardiovascular morbidity. Besides, 56% of the doctors evaluated suffered from irregular BP pattern at night making them prone to future adverse cardiac events. About 37% doctors had nocturnal hypertension, which can never be diagnosed through in clinic BP measurement,” he explained.

“Over 50% physicians had uncontrolled hypertension despite taking hypertensive medicines,” he added.

ABPM is globally accepted as the gold-standard method towards detecting hypertension. It evaluates the patient’s BP continuously over a period of 24 hours and helps diagnose masked or white coat hypertension, conditions in which a patient’s BP readings are inaccurate due to certain environments.